P-News regularly presents the top 10 youngest superstars of the Armenian showbiz media. In this article, we present the top 10 most handsome and beautiful young Armenian stars who are often seen on television, in cinemas, and in other showbiz media.

Here is the list of the top 10 Armenian upcoming superstars:

Movses Yeremyan

Movses Yeremyan is an Armenian actor who is massively known for the Stranger’s Soul (2015) television series. He is one of the top uprising Armenian superstars. The classic Spanish-language soap En otro Piel served as the inspiration for the Armenian romantic melodrama television series Stranger’s Soul.

Samvel Tadevosyan

Samvel’s portrayal of a young man who chooses to protect his motherland during the early 1990s war with Azerbaijan in the 2016 film Life and Struggle. This actor has already shown that he is a long-racing hors in his acting. So, listed him here in the top 10 and wish him a long career in this industry.

Sos Janibekyan

Sos is a handsome Armenian actor. He comes from a family of artists, his mother is a playwright, screenwriter, and his father and grandfather were all accomplished actors. Sos has a history of appearing in films and television shows, playing both dramatic and comic roles. He already established his career in the Armenian film industry. Hope he will be the next biggest Armenian film star.

Khoren Levonyan

Khoren Levonyan, who comes from a family of artists as well, has been cast in leading male parts in Armenian cinema in recent years, and for good reason. He is very good-looking and handsome. We picked him on our shortlist because his acting and outlook are very attractive. Hope he will be the next Armenian superstar.

Marjan Avetisyan

Marjan Avetisyan had a background in theater earlier, which is evident in her authentic work. Marjan excels in dramatic parts that call for a demonstration of intense passion and struggle. Her humorous roles on Armenian television are equally commendable. Day by day she is coming into the frontline of the media and increasing her popularity. As an uprising star, we may hope she will get a super start soon.

Ani Khachikyan

A young actress with a broad range and significant depth, Ani Khachikyan can be seen in both humorous and dramatic roles. Her interpretations of her characters are authentic and novel, giving full credit to the stories they contribute to being told. It’s a very good sign for her future. She might be a mega star in Armenian showbiz.

Nerses Avetisyan

On-screen, Nerses Avetisyan embodies progressive values and can effectively portray unconventional and quirky characters. Nerses has a unique talent for striking several acting notes at once, which makes for an endearing and justifiable portrayal of the human condition in an otherwise difficult-to-like work.

He is a very smart and good-looking young actor. he might be a superstar in his career future.

Tatev Hovakimyan

Tatev Hovakimyan’s performances are strong and successful in making us feel all the appropriate emotions. She gets huge popularity for her mindblowing acting. She can immerse the audience in the world of her character, giving us the impression that we are there as much as she is.

This is the kind of actress whose expression stays on screen for a much longer period of time. She is already a superstar in Armenia, we hope she will be a mega star in the near future.

Narine Petrosyan

Primarily a stage performer, Narine Petrosyan shows her ability to act. Her performances bring out the more exciting aspects of human nature, adding to the enjoyment of viewing TV and movies. She is so beautiful and her body is very well shaped. So, she is in our top 10 list for the young star in Armenia.

Arevik Gevorgyan

Depending on what is needed at any given time, Arevik Gevorgyan can be both compassionate and sharp, wandering and focused. We’re hoping to see more of her soon. She might be a future superstar in Armenia showbiz media.

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