The following list of prominent Armenian enterprises, spanning a variety of industries, is current as of January 2022. Please be aware that these companies’ rating and status may have changed, so before making an investment, make sure you do your homework and speak with financial professionals.

Here Are The Top 10 Companies To Buy Shares in Armenia 2024:

1. Ameriabank CJSC:

One of the top financial institutions in Armenia is Ameriabank CJSC. Since its founding in 1910, the bank has expanded to rank among the biggest in the nation, providing a comprehensive array of financial and banking services to individuals, corporations, and institutional customers. Corporate banking, retail banking, investment banking, trade finance, asset management, and other services are all offered by the bank. Ameriabank is renowned for its dedication to customer care and innovation, and it has a big impact on the growth of the financial industry in Armenia.

2. ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank:

A bank that conducts business in Armenia is called ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank. Originally founded as ACBA Bank in 1996, it changed its name to ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank following a merger with the French banking giant Credit Agricole. Retail banking, corporate banking, SME banking, agricultural loans, and international banking services are only a few of the many financial services offered by the bank. By lending money to different economic sectors, ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank plays a vital role in the Armenian banking industry and advances the nation’s economic growth.

3. ArmenTel (Beeline):

Armenia’s leading telecommunications provider is ArmenTel, also referred to by its brand name Beeline. Broadband internet, digital television, and landline and mobile phone services are just a few of the many services it provides. Since it began operations in Armenia in 2005, Beeline has had a major impact on the development of the nation’s telecom industry.

Serving both residential and commercial clients, the company is renowned for its creative offerings, competitive pricing, and wide network coverage. In Armenia, Beeline has been a major force behind the uptake of internet access and mobile technologies, which has aided in the nation’s socioeconomic progress and digital transformation.

4. Synopsys Armenia:

A division of Synopsys Inc., a leader in semiconductor intellectual property (IP) and electronic design automation (EDA) worldwide, is Synopsys Armenia. Located in Yerevan, Armenia, Synopsys Armenia is an essential component of the company’s worldwide activities.

Synopsys Armenia was founded in 2004 and is mainly focused on software development, semiconductor intellectual property, and EDA tool research and development. To create cutting-edge solutions for the semiconductor industry, the company hires highly skilled engineers and technical specialists who work on cutting-edge technology.

Overview Armenia has developed into a Synopsys center of excellence, helping to create cutting-edge technologies and offering clients all over the world top-notch engineering services. The development of the local IT industry has also been greatly aided by Synopsys’ presence in Armenia.

5. Ucom:

One of the top telecom providers in Armenia, Ucom provides a full suite of services, such as broadband internet, digital television, mobile and landline phone, and other digital services. Since its founding in 2007, it has grown to be a significant participant in the Armenian telecom industry.

Ucom is renowned for its creative approach to client happiness, low pricing, and dedication to service delivery. By making significant investments in infrastructure development, the company has increased the coverage of its network and raised the caliber of its services.

Ucom has expanded into other digital industries like cloud services, IT solutions, and digital content distribution in addition to traditional telecommunications services. The business is a major force behind Armenia’s digital revolution and advances the nation’s technological.

6. Grand Candy CJSC:

Founded in Armenia, Grand Candy CJSC is a candy firm that goes by the name Grand Candy. It is among the nation’s biggest and most well-known manufacturers of candies, chocolates, and other confections. Since its founding in 2000, Grand Candy has grown to become a household name in Armenia thanks to its wide selection of high-quality goods.

The company serves both domestic and foreign markets by producing a broad range of candies, chocolates, biscuits, cakes, and other sweet delicacies. Grand Candy is renowned for its dedication to quality, utilization of cutting-edge production methods, and adherence to global guidelines for food safety and sanitation.

Grand Candy is well-known for its business success as well as its CSR efforts, which include funding numerous philanthropic.

7. Yerevan Brandy Company (YBC):

With a long history that dates back to 1887, the Yerevan Brandy Company (YBC) is a well-known Armenian brandy company. It is well-known for producing premium Armenian brandy, sometimes known as “Ararat” brandy, and is situated in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia.

International recognition for YBC’s brandy manufacturing has resulted in multiple prizes and plaudits for the remarkable quality and craftsmanship of the product. In order to attain its unique flavor profile, the company uses traditional ways of producing brandy, such as using local Armenian grape varietals and maturing the brandy in wood barrels for extended periods of time.

The “Ararat” brandy, one of the most well-known goods produced by the Yerevan Brandy Company, has come to represent Armenian brandy globally. It has been cherished by experts and

8. Electric Networks of Armenia (ENA):

The largest energy distribution business in Armenia, Electric Networks of Armenia (ENA), is in charge of running and maintaining the nation’s electrical distribution infrastructure. It came into being in 2002 when Armenia’s power industry was privatized.

Transmission of energy from power generating facilities to users in Armenia’s residential, commercial, and industrial sectors is the responsibility of ENA. The organization guarantees that consumers receive a dependable and effective supply of electricity by operating and maintaining the distribution infrastructure, which includes transformers, power lines, and substations.

In Armenia’s energy sector, ENA is essential since it makes electricity distribution easier and promotes economic growth in the nation. The company’s priorities are enhancing the standard and dependability of the electrical supply, putting new technologies into practice, and funding infrastructural improvements.

9. Gazprom Armenia CJSC:

Formerly known as ArmRosGazprom, Gazprom Armenia CJSC is a division of Gazprom, the state-owned energy corporation of Russia. It is in charge of importing, distributing, and selling natural gas into Armenia and serves as the primary supplier and distributor of the fuel.

In Armenia’s energy sector, Gazprom Armenia CJSC is essential because it guarantees a steady supply of natural gas to clients in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. The corporation operates a distribution network, sells gas, and carries out a variety of other tasks.

Gazprom Armenia CJSC supports the energy sector cooperation between Armenia and Russia as a member of Gazprom’s global network. The organization searches for chances for energy collaboration and investment while working to ensure Armenia’s natural gas supply is dependable and efficient.

10. Armenian International Airways (Armavia):

Armenia’s flag carrier airline was Armenian International Airways, or Armavia as it was more well known. Established in 1996, it ran both local and international flights out of Yerevan, Armenia’s Zvartnots International Airport.

Originally operating primarily as a cargo airline, Armavia eventually grew to offer passenger flights as well, making it the biggest airline in Armenia. It served both leisure and business passengers with flights to a number of locations in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Over the years, the airline encountered operational and financial issues that ultimately resulted in its bankruptcy and closure in 2013. Notwithstanding its demise, Armavia was crucial in establishing Armenia’s international connections and advancing the nation’s aviation sector during

Remember that this is not an entire list, and that a number of factors, including industry changes and economic situations, may affect how well these firms do over time. Prior to making any investing decisions, always conduct thorough research and think about speaking with financial counselors.

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